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According to statistics, more than half of all women are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their breasts. Breast alteration during hormonal fluxes is a usual process for every woman who lost or gained weight, gave birth or breastfed a child. And beautiful breasts can definitely be a source of inspiration and confidence. Breast enlargement surgeries are called augmentation mammoplasty and is performed in the following cases: Операция по увеличению груди
  • when the breast shape and size needs to be changed, but the ability to breastfeed needs to be preserved;
  • to restore the former, young shape and size (after pregnancy and weight loss);
  • after the removal of a malignant tumor or if there is a difference in the shape and size between breasts.
The breast augmentation surgery consists in placing an implant under the greater pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland. The implant is usually made up of a silicone or polyurethane capsule filled with special semi-liquid gel. Before the operation, the surgeon measures and examines the patient’s breast and explains the aspects of the operation for the patient to have the right idea about the outcome of the operative intervention. In addition to the patient’s wishes, the doctor may have other offers as to the alteration of the breast shape and size. This discussion is very important for the doctor and the patient to avoid misunderstanding after the surgery.

Choosing breast implants

There is a wide choice of breast implants allowing for the patients’ wishes and anatomic features. Modern plastic surgery uses two types of endoprostheses:
  • silicone (filled with silicone gel);
  • salt-based (containing physiological salt solution).
The former are harder and ensure the necessary shape and elasticity of the breasts. The latter are softer by touch and often have the “gurgling” effect because the liquid flows during walking. They are cheaper and therefore popular. In terms of the shape, implants can be round or tear-shaped. The latter are used more often because they imitate the natural breast volume more precisely. However, to enlarge very flat mammary glands or correct sagging, round implants give a better esthetic effect. The size is adjusted depending on the skin elasticity, body proportions and the chest width. 250-320 ml implants are in the greatest demand, but there are also adjustable implants. Their advantage is that the doctor introduces the filler during the operation and can model the breast as precisely as possible.

Preparation for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation using implants can solve a number of esthetic problems:
  • underdeveloped mammary glands (hypoplasia);
  • loss of elasticity and reduction of the breast volume (involution);
  • stretching and deformation of the areola;
  • complete or partial breast resection for oncological reasons;
  • congenital or acquired asymmetry.
Mammoplasty is contraindicated in the following cases:
  • neoplasms in the breast tissues;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • any progressive infectious diseases;
  • severe heart, kidney and vascular pathologies;
  • blood coagulability disorders;
  • herpetic rash.
The manipulation is temporarily contraindicated in the following cases:
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • menstruation;
  • age up to 18–21 years.
The following requirements need to be met for a successful operation:
  • the woman must be healthy and not have any diseases;
  • comprehensive examination must be performed before the operation, including the consultation of an oncologist and anesthesiologist;
  • drugs affecting blood coagulation are prohibited within 10 before the operation (lecithin, aspirin, vitamin Е);
  • smoking is prohibited before and after the operation, if the patient has this habit.
The day before the operation, the woman should take a bath or a shower and eat easily digestible products (fruit, vegetables). Soft underwear without metal elements should be taken along.

Surgery technique and post-operative period

The operation lasts for about an hour and is performed under general anesthesia. There are several ways to insert the implant, and the choice of the method will depend on the individual features, breast shape and extent of breast augmentation. There are two main intertissue regions where implants are inserted:
  • under the gland;
  • under the greater pectoral muscle.
In the first case, the operation is technically simpler and has a virtually painless rehabilitation period. Implant insertion under the pectoral muscle minimizes these complications thanks to more secure fixation. Since deep tissues are affected, the rehabilitation is characterized by painfulness and length. Different cuts can be used in the operation:
  • around the areola (perialar);
  • inframammary crease (submammary);
  • in the armpit region (axillary);
  • navel (umbilical).
The most frequent and advisable way to insert an implant is through a cut along the gland crease because the traces are the least visible in this type of cut. During the operation, the surgeon makes a fold under the pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland to insert the implant.

Advantages of the surgery

Advantages of the surgery include:
Увеличение груди
  • an inconspicuous scar around 5 cm long;
  • fast recovery after the surgery;
  • insignificant pain after the surgery;
  • natural lowering of the breast with time;
  • no complications;
  • no causes for the development of breast cancer.
Women are usually discharged 2-3 days after the operation and followed up on an ambulatory basis. Sutures are taken out on day 10-12. It should be noted that there may be swelling around the breast for 3-4 weeks after the operation that passes completely then. Special garment selected with the woman before the operation should be worn for 4 weeks. The breast takes its final shape 2-3 months after the operation. It is recommended to see the treating surgeon once a week for a month for prophylactic follow-up. Complications may occur in rare cases:
  • turn or shift of the implant;
  • infection of breast tissues and development of pustular processes;
  • prosthetics rupture;
  • implant visibility;
  • nipple numbing.
That is why it is very important to choose a reliable clinic and trust an experienced surgeon. Gold Laser guarantees a long-term of endoprosthetic breast augmentation. Make an appointment and find out more about breast augmentation or reduction mammoplasty. Our surgeons will give competent answers to any questions.

Prices for breast augmentation in Kyiv at the Gold Laser clinic

Breast augmentation (endoprosthetics) Excl. cost of implants, compression garment (bra)* 1700 — 2600 euro
*cost of implants EUR 1050 — 1650
* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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