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Ultrasonic facial cleansing (hardware or manual cleaning) is a cosmetic procedure that removes dead skin cells from the skin, eliminates greasy shine, dust, and dirt.

With the help of facial cleansing with ultrasound, you will permanently get rid of dead surface cells and black spots. In addition, your blood circulation, lymph circulation and antiseptic characteristics of the skin will improve. Pores will also become less noticeable and skin tone will increase.

The procedure of ultrasonic face cleaning is a safe procedure because the ultrasound frequencies in the equipment for cleansing the face only affect the upper layer of the skin, removing dead cells.

The result and benefits of facial cleansing at the Gold Laser Clinic

After the facial cleansing procedure, there will be not only facial skin cleansed of excess sebum but also clean pores that have not experienced any mechanical stress (as during traditional manual cleansing).

Ultrasonic cleaning has a number of advantageous characteristics:

  • This is the most popular facial cleansing procedure, as it safely acts on the skin without resorting to mechanical actions and without injuring it;
  • at the end of the procedure, the face acquires freshness and radiance;
  • ultrasonic face cleaning is a completely painless procedure and is characterized by the absence of side effects;
  • you do not need special preparation for ultrasonic cleaning, you can go for it at any time convenient for you.


The principle of ultrasound

Ultrasonic vibrations emitted by the ultrasonic nozzle affect only the surface layer of the skin, which allows customers with any type of skin to use this procedure. Also, ultrasonic facial cleansing helps to painlessly eliminate the effects of acne.

The specialists of the Gold Laser Cosmetology and Medicine Clinic use this facial procedure quite often and have their own methods in this area. In addition to the procedure itself, the complex of cosmetic care includes washing, applying a special lotion, mask, and cream.

Ultrasonic face peeling is an excellent solution for ladies caring for themselves. Today, Kyiv is filled with many institutions offering such services, though having trusted our specialists, you can be sure of a professional approach and high quality of the services provided.

Video of the Service

The cost of facial cleansing in Kyiv

Ultrasonic face peel
1600 UAH
Mechanical face peel (manual, deep) 1700 UAH
Mechanical cleaning + ultrasonic 2000 UAH
Mechanical cleaning + ultrasonic face, neck, décolleté 2400 UAH
Ultrasonic Back Cleaning 2500 UAH
Soothing / alginate mask (if necessary) 200 UAH
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