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After 35-40 years, when ageing processes begin, face skin starts losing its flexibility and tone, wrinkles appear, the face oval is not even and smooth anymore, and it becomes clear that simple cosmetic procedures are not enough. Круговая подтяжка лицаAll age-related changes happen because of the natural gravitational ptosis, or skin drooping. This face skin condition becomes noticeable and reveals age even if a person takes care of him- or herself. Face oval lifting can be done in the middle, top or bottom part of the face. It is the surgeon who decides which type of lifting to perform.

Main types of face lift

  • face and neck skin lifting – the surgeon corrects the position of tissues, than fixes them and removes extra skin (the effect is preserved for 8-9 years);
  • correction of skin and muscle fascia – capsule around the muscle (the effect is more long-standing — from 10 to 12 years);
  • forehead skin lift — separate surgery helping to eliminate eyebrow and deep wrinkles;
  • complete face skin lifting or endoscopic face lifting — allows the correction of certain face skin fragments and comprehensive lifting;
  • SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) lifting – performed at the level of muscle aponeurosis that supports soft tissues and lies deep under the skin;
  • liposuction or lipofilling of certain face regions;
  • laser resurfacing, skin restructuring.
Круговая подтяжка лицаThe recovery period after face lifting takes an average of 7–10 days depending on the patient’s age and skin condition. In this period, the temperature may go up, and the patient may have the feeling of numbness around the operation site. But these symptoms pass quickly and do not pose any threat.

Face lifting effects

Face lifting — circular face lift will help get rid of all age changes, including:
  1. Circular face lift can eliminate the main problem – the double chin. This defect may appear because of fat deposits in the chin and may also be due to hereditary and genetic causes.
  2. Face lifting will help remove the sagging and drooping of soft tissues of the face, which include cheek skin and nasolabial folds. The shape and size of the folds do not matter since the surgery can remove even the most pronounced and deep ones. Drooping of eyelids and cheek skin can be resolved using the face lifting method. In some cases, we use lipofilling (contouring by filling with the patient’s own fat) – an injection surgery method aimed to remove old wrinkles and restore the missing volume. Injections are introduced subcutaneously, and the effect is preserved for the whole life.
  3. Sagging skin in eye corners,, as well as around the eyebrows and on the forehead, can also be removed. This procedure can be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon by lifting the soft tissues of the face, mimic muscle capsules, and skin on the temples and cheeks. Thus, the skin regains former flexibility, and eyes look young again.

Prices for face lift in Kyiv

Circular face lift in Kyiv is performed by the best specialists of the Gold Laser clinic. The price of the procedure remains affordable.
Manipulation name Ph.D. (Medicine) Plastic surgeon
Lift of lower 2/3 2500 euro 2500 euro
Lift of lower 2/3 + chin 2800 euro 2800 euro
Lift of lower 2/3 + chin + neck 3500 euro 3500 euro
Lifting of eyebrow and temple zones with lipofilling 1700 euro
Neck lift 1500-1700 euro
Forehead lift 1500-2000 euro
Eyebrow lifting with skin excision 800 euro 800 euro
Cheiloplasty (bullhorn) 1000 euro
* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment
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