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Removal of spider veins

Small spider veins on the nose and cheeks, reddening under stress, sudden changes in temperature or increased physical activity, give their owners a lot of discomfort.

And what woman did not note with chagrin the appearance of a blue “spider web” on her legs? Few people know that the reason for such seemingly unrelated phenomena is the same: a violation of the microcirculation of blood in the vessels. In such cases, patients turn to the procedure for removing the vascular network.

Removal of spider veins

In the recent past, only a painful and not always effective method of vascular electrocoagulation was proposed to eliminate such defects. Fortunately, everything has changed dramatically, and today the Gold laser clinic in Kyiv offers a modern laser removal of spider veins.

Laser treatment is based on the conversion by the molecules of body tissues of a certain wavelength of light into thermal energy, which has a therapeutic effect. The most modern neodymium lasers (ND: YAG) use a large wavelength of light in their work, which allows them to perform laser removal of blood vessels at any depth. Therefore, in comparison with other varieties of lasers, they cope with vessels much better. For a visible result, 1-3 procedures with a neodymium laser are sufficient, while other lasers give results after 5-7 procedures.

udalenie sosudovND: YAG technology acts selectively: most of the transmitted energy is absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemaglobin, so it is these proteins that undergo coagulation (coagulate), and the process does not affect other tissues. Removal of spider veins occurs exactly as if “soldering” from the inside. The described method, called homogeneous photothermolysis, is the most sparing in the treatment of vascular pathology. It allows you to selectively affect the affected area and prevents possible complications.

Indications for the procedure and results

There are a number of indications for homogeneous photothermolysis:

  • skin neoplasms with vascular origin;
  • an expanded capillary grid on the skin;
  • expansion of the vein grid and telangiectasia resulting from chronic diseases.

As a result of the procedure for removing veins by the laser, blood vessels with a diameter of up to 4 mm are effectively coagulated on any part of the face and body.


There are also a number of contraindications to the procedure:

  • planned or recent exposure to ultraviolet (5-7 days);
  • taking medications that give increased photosensitivity to the skin;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy.

Complete removal of blood vessels and vascular grid on the face and body is achieved in 1-3 procedures, which are performed with an interval of 4-6 weeks. Three days after treatment, it is not recommended to conduct thermal procedures.

If the vascular correction is performed on the legs, the effect is fixed by wearing three-day special underwear. The treatment has no side effects, it is recommended to cundergo a second consultation after 6 months.

Video procedure

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