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Face Liposuction

Laser face liposuction nowadays is the most modern step towards beauty. If adipose tissue accumulates under the chin, then visually it is smoothing the contours of the face and neck, which gives the face a middle-aged look. Laser liposuction of the neck is one of the simplest operations though it has a great cosmetic effect.

The method has found wide application in Europe and America and has been used over the past 10 years. Many Hollywood stars are turning to this procedure while receiving excellent cosmetic results, so laser lipolysis (or as we used to say “liposuction”) is often called “Hollywood liposuction”.

Liposuction of the neck and oval of the face is ideal for those who want to get rid of the second chin, sagging cheeks, as well as get an additional lifting of the lower third of the face. Of course, the method is also suitable for those who do not have time for the rehabilitation period, cannot miss work, and be isolated from society even for a day. Indications for surgery can be factors such as excessive fat tissue in the cheeks and chin areas, weak tone of the skin on these areas or folds on the neck.

Advantages of Face Laser Liposuction

The advantages of laser liposuction of the neck over the traditional methods are obvious since this approach is minimally traumatic and with its help, high accuracy of the correction is achieved.
Among the main benefits are:

  • laser treatment eliminates tissue infection;
  • after liposuction, nerve tissue is not damaged, hematomas and overheating of soft tissues of the face do not occur, there are no scars;
  • there is no need for postoperative wearing of compression underwear;
  • using a laser, you can make a perfect face shape and achieve maximum facial contour accuracy.

Operation Technique

In the area where liposuction is to be done, a puncture of 1 mm is made; an optical fiber of 300 microns is introduced through it. The membranes of fat cells are destroyed by a laser beam, as a result of which fat cells are destroyed and no longer appear in the same areas. At the same time, the surrounding tissues do not heat up and are not injured. Due to the fact that the laser beam warms the skin from the inside, collagen and elastin are synthesized; the skin from the inside contracts and simultaneously tightens. After laser liposuction, the oval of the face naturally decreases; the skin again becomes toned and tightens. Laser liposuction is ideal for those who want to tighten the skin of the oval face, chin, and neck without scars and with a minimum rehabilitation period (rehabilitation is only 3 days).


Laser face liposuction prices

Name of procedure Head physician Plastic surgeon
Laser Chin Liposuction 600 Euro 500 Euro
Laser chin lipolysis 500 Euro 400 Euro
Laser lipolysis of the cheeks (two sides) 360 Euro 300 Euro
Laser lipolysis of the malar areas 260 Euro 200 Euro
Removal of lumps of Bisha 500 Euro 400 Euro

* payment is made in UAH at the exchange rate at the time of payment

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