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Buttocks lift, or gluteoplasty, is in demand among women nowadays. And it’s no wonder because this part of the body always attracts men’s attention. Women’s attractiveness has many aspects, and beautiful, firm buttocks are one of the main ones. They should have a perfect round shape, making the figure slimmer and more harmonious in general. There should be no fat deposits under the skin that turn it into orange peel.

There are different ways to fight against cellulitis, loss of shape and skin sagging. Diets, sport and cosmetic manipulations will be helpful. But if you want a fast and flawless effect, buttocks lift will be a perfect solution.

Do you need this surgery?

Gluteoplasty is a reliable way to make the lower part of your body look as you desired. If you have wide hips or salient buttocks, it can be changed. Whatever the reason of fatty tissue accumulation, be it genetic predisposition, a wrong diet or hypodynamia, the problem can be quickly and radically solved by liposuction, which will make your buttocks smaller and your figure more proportional.

If you have wide but flat buttocks, the surgery for the removal of extra fat can be combined with implant insertion. It will remove the volume where it is not needed and add it in proper places. The outline of buttocks will become more rounded, and you will feel confident both in tight dresses and in bikini.

Sometimes buttocks become saggy with age or after a fast loss of weight. If it is the case, the volume can be increased adding attractiveness to your shapes, or the skin and muscles can be lifted for your figure to become more harmonious.

Indications to the surgery

Despite the simplicity of the surgery and the experience of Gold Laser specialists with such manipulations, there are certain contraindications to the buttocks lift:


  • heart disease and other serious internal organ disorders;
  • acute infections;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • obesity of endocrine (hormonal) nature;
  • oncology.

How is gluteoplasty performed?

Depending on the desired effect either lipofilling, or buttocks lift, or implant insertion is performed. A combination of these manipulations is sometimes required.

Lipofilling of buttocks is considered the safest surgical intervention. It not only returns or gives buttocks a perfectly rounded shape, but it also eliminates the symptoms of cellulitis, stimulates lymph outflow and capillary blood circulation. The skin becomes smooth and moistened. Correct cellular metabolism contributes to the elimination of toxins and speeds up the regeneration of damaged cells and tissues.

Lipofilling is a surgery for the transfer of fatty tissue from one part of the body to another. Gold Laser specialists in Kyiv will perform this manipulation on an ambulatory basis in as comfortable conditions as possible and under local anesthesia.

Buttocks lift
The skin around the buttocks is lifted using special biothreads – it is a simple surgery that will ensure a great look of this part of the body for several years. A correction may be required later.

Implantation will ensure the client has the desired shape of the buttocks without many months of exhaustive training. The clinic specialists use solid silicone implants that are similar in texture to the muscular tissue, which allows buttocks to remain natural after the surgery both visually and by touch.

Buttocks lift at the Gold Laser clinic

If any intervention into your health is needed, it is important to assess the clinic in terms of the professionalism of its specialists and the safety of manipulations. You may not worry about it if you turn to Gold Laser. Qualified staff, state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience will make your stay at the clinic comfortable and the result perfect.

Prices for gluteoplasty

Manipulation name Ph.D. (Medicine) Plastic surgeon
Gluteoplasty (lifting) 3000 euro 3000 euro
Gluteoplasty (endoprosthesis),
excl. cost of prosthesis from EUR 1500
2000 euro 2000 euro
Lipofilling of buttocks 2000 euro 2000 euro
Lipomodelling of back, sides, buttocks, hips 3500 euro 3000 euro

* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment

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