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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis comes from the two Latin words “hydro” – water, “hyper” – increased – a disease in which there is increased sweating of any part of the body (for example, increased sweating of the armpits, palms and legs). This problem affects approximately 15% of the total population. Living with this disease is still quite uncomfortable. Sometimes, even a slight increase in temperature, can cause increased sweating, which causes a lot of trouble and inconvenience. One of the worst moments in this situation is the smell, which constantly has to be masked from those around you. People with hyperhidrosis are more prone to various colds, fungal, and also infectious diseases.

Armpit hyperhidrosis treatment

Previously, various methods were used to treat excessive sweating, which were long and took a lot of time and effort, and besides, they did not always show a good result. As for modern treatment, the methods have varied and become much more effective. The Gold Laser Clinic provides a method for treating armpit sweating with special injections. The basis of the action of this drug is the blocking of nerve impulses entering the sweat glands. As a result, the sensitivity of sweat glands to irritants decreases, respectively, sweat is practically not released. This eliminates excessive sweating.

The effectiveness of the treatment method

Using this drug, increased sweating will cease to be a problem for you, and the clothes will always be fresh, providing calm and self-confidence. After the injection, the effect persists for about 6 months, after which it is necessary to repeat the procedure. This drug does not cause any complications. The main contraindications for injection are:
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • after the procedure, do not visit the gym and sauna for 5 days.
The beauty of the solution is that it does not violate your usual rhythm of life, but, on the contrary, saves you from unpleasant sensations associated with hyperhidrosis.

IMG_1441The method of treatment of excessive sweating

Before starting treatment for excessive sweating of the armpits, palms or legs, a specialist at the Gold laser clinic will conduct a test that identifies areas with the highest level of sweating, that is, the area where the drug will be administered. Then, with the help of a thin needle, you will receive injections that are very easily tolerated.  

The cost of treating hyperhidrosis by injection

Discount -20%
Armpit hyperhidrosis treatment (250 units)
350 euros
280 euros
Armpit hyperhidrosis treatment (500 units)
560 euros
448 euros
Treatment of hyperhidrosis of the feet or palms (300 units)
400 euros
320 euros
Treatment of hyperhidrosis of the feet or palms (500 units)
560 euros
448 euros
Additional units (1 unit)
1,6 euros
* payment is made in UAH at the exchange rate at the time of payment

Video procedure:

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