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LASER REMOVAL of Neoplasms on the skin

Skin neoplasms are a common problem among people of both sexes and any age. It is not purely cosmetic; the state of neoplasms should be controlled by surgeons, oncologists, immunologists, and dermatologists.

Most of them are caused by viruses that are in the human body permanently. It is almost impossible to completely get rid of the virus, but good immunity, a consequence of a healthy lifestyle, will help keep it in control.

Types of neoplasms

There are several types of neoplasms that occur on the skin. All of them are divided into:

  • benign;
  • borderline or precancerous;
  • malignant.

Now we will talk about the first, since the second and third are exclusively the competencies of oncologists and are removed in specialized institutions.

Benign neoplasms are divided into:

  • papillomas (warts);
  • condylomas (numerous growths in the form of cauliflower);
  • keratomas (age spots, raised above the skin);
  • fibromas (subcutaneous muscle formations in the form of cones);
  • nevi (moles);
  • lipomas (adipose);
  • atheromas (cysts with purulent contents).

How to deal with neoplasms?

There are medicines that remove papillomas by chemical burning. They are a concentrated alkaline solution. Unfortunately, this method is ineffective, since the depth of exposure to the acid is minimally invasive, which does not completely remove the neoplasm and the likelihood of a new one is high.

Once and for all this problem can be dealt with only by the deep removal method so that the source of altered cells does not remain in the skin.

Laser removal

Laser removal of neoplasms is a good substitute for traditional surgical excision. It has several advantages over working with a scalpel. Firstly, the risk of bleeding is minimized, and secondly, the likelihood of infection is greatly reduced. The accuracy with which the doctor can act on the neoplasm is also increasing. In addition, this removal method prevents relapse.

During the procedure, neither the doctor’s hands nor any equipment comes into contact with the patient’s skin, reducing to zero the probability of infection of the wound surface with viral, bacterial or fungal diseases.

The laser can easily cope with neoplasms in delicate areas such as the eyelids or the mucous membrane of the mouth. With the help of a laser, it is possible to destroy growths and in places inaccessible to the scalpel (genitals, larynx, nasal mucosa).

The advantage of the laser is the absence of pain during its use. Small papillomas are removed altogether without anesthesia, or if necessary creams and gels are used as anesthetic. Injection anesthesia requires only the formation of large sizes.

Indications for laser removal of neoplasms

Indications for laser removal of neoplasms are their very presence. At the same time, in one session, you can cope with several entities at the same time, with small papillomas, for example, the score goes to tens. The only condition for trouble-free laser removal of neoplasms can be considered their benign nature.

Contraindications to the procedure

Contraindications for the procedure are:

  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • oncological diseases;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • thin, very sensitive skin;
  • photodermosis – an allergy to ultraviolet light;
  • diseases accompanied by convulsions;
  • inflammation of the skin, regardless of the type of pathogen.

Neoplasm removal process

Using a laser to remove moles, papillomas and wen can not only remove the neoplasm, but at the same time thrombose capillaries around the wound. Thus, bleeding and metastasis are prevented. So, a new one will not grow on the site of the removed wart.

Before removing the neoplasm for two weeks, you cannot expose the skin to intense exposure to the sun or chemicals: sunbathe, visit a solarium, do a deep peeling.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, pain is almost absent. The process itself takes several minutes. Sometimes, if the neoplasm seems suspicious to the doctor in terms of his goodness, the patient is advised to pass it after removal for histological examination. By its results it will be possible to find out whether a person should take any additional measures.

After removal of superficial neoplasms, no dressings are applied to the wound: it is cauterized with an alcohol-free antiseptic and left to heal. If deep layers are affected, a regenerative dressing is required. How and when it will need to be removed, the doctor will tell during the consultation.

Post-treatment period

Complete healing takes 7-14 days, after which it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight for some time on the treated area in order to avoid the appearance of age spots on it.

Laser removal of neoplasms at the Gold Laser Clinic

You can remove neoplasms with a laser in the Gold Laser clinic. Qualified specialists at the consultation will pre-examine you, specify the type of neoplasm and choose a treatment regimen.

The Gold Laser Clinic has equipment for two different techniques: a CO2 laser and a Neodymium laser. Both of them have proven themselves as effective and non-traumatic methods. The beam penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. As a result, a barely noticeable trace will remain at the site of the operation, which over time becomes invisible.

The price of the procedure depends on the size of the neoplasms and their localization.

As a result of treatment, you will get clean skin and feel more confident.

Video procedure

Prices for laser removal of neoplasms

Neoplasm 1-2 mm
700 UAH
Fordece granules 1-2 mm
700 UAH
Neoplasm 3-4 mm
800 UAH 
Neoplasm 5-6 mm (or at eyelids, genitals)
1200 UAH
Neoplasm 7-8 mm 1300 UAH
Neoplasm 9-10 mm
1400 UAH
One doctor’s hour (more than 10 granules)
4500 UAH
Fordece granules (more than 10 granules)
4500 UAH
Histology (1 neoplasm)
1300  UAH
Injection anesthesia
500 UAH
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