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What can’t  be done to get rid of tattoos: apply deep peeling, burn with special acids, surgically remove areas of the skin or treat them with current and liquid nitrogen. Gold Laser Clinic offers an effective and painless solution – tattoo removal using a neodymium Q-Switch laser.


The Q-Switch laser is suitable for removing tattoos of any complexity. With it, you can work not only on black and white images, but also on color images. When a service may be required:
  • color tattoo has lost its meaning for you or has become unattractive;
  • you have a poor-quality tattoo that you want to remove;
  • you need to remove permanent makeup;
  • you want to get one tattoo instead of another.

Contraindications to removal

  • the presence of pustular rashes in the tattoo area;
  • neoplasms on the skin (papillomas, warts, nevi, lipomas);
  • skin diseases or allergic rashes that appeared on top of the tattoo;
  • severe diabetes mellitus;
  • acute infectious process;
  • tendency to form hypertrophic and keloid scars;
  • bleeding disorders.
In order for you not to be refused a tattoo removal, you need to treat these diseases or, if this is not possible, stop the chronic process.

Preparation for the procedure

The main thing before the procedure is not to get irritation of the area of the skin on which the tattoo is located, which will interfere with the manipulation. Therefore, it is recommended not to rub the tattoo and do not try to remove it yourself. If you are taking drugs that affect blood coagulation, then two weeks is better to cancel their intake (only after consulting your doctor). Before the procedure, the doctor will examine the tattoo and evaluate the complexity of removal. If you have no contraindications, then the first session can be performed immediately after consultation.

Description of the process

The essence of the procedure is to heat the pigment that makes up the tattoo. The laser beam penetrates to a predetermined depth and acts on the paint. As a result, it breaks down into unstable compounds that are excreted by the body. The procedure is carried out in layers: a certain depth is processed in one session. This means that you can’t get rid of the tattoo at one time – on average 3-4 sessions are required. The Q-Switch laser has several tips. The doctor uses them depending on the color of the tattoo. When removing the tattoo with the Q-Switch system, the laser acts on the pigment of the paint, which eliminates the trauma of surrounding tissues. Key Benefits of Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removal:
  • non-traumatic method that does not affect the skin in any way;
  • anesthesia is not required, the procedure is almost painless;
  • after removal, no scars remain.

Duration and Results

The duration of one session is 20-30 minutes. To completely remove a large color tattoo, it may take 6-7 procedures. The break between sessions is from 4 to 6 weeks. The minimum result is noticeable after 1 procedure. To completely remove the tattoo, you need to complete the full course. If you want to apply another tattoo instead of one, inform the doctor about it. In some cases, the number of sessions can be reduced.

Rehabilitation period

During the rehabilitation period, dermatologists recommend:
  • Do not steam or heat the area where the tattoo was. To do this, do not take hot baths, restrict access to the sauna.
  • Do not sunbathe. It is better to refrain from visiting the solarium and natural tanning on the beach. When you go outside, it is best to use a UV protective cream.
  • Do not rub. Through scratching, an infection can get into the treatment area, which can interfere with further sessions.

Laser tattoo removal prices

What determines the cost of removal:
  • from the area of tattoos;
  • on the number of colors in the tattoo;
  • from the place where the image is applied.
In the clinic of plastic surgery and laser cosmetology Gold Laser in Kyiv, the following prices are valid. Tattoo removal has never been so convenient and effective. You can make an appointment on our website or call to make an appointment. We will help you get rid of tattoos or low-quality permanent makeup.
Discount  -30%
Laser tatto removal of 2 brows
2000 UAH
1400 UAH
Laser tatto removal of lips
2000 UAH
1400 UAH
Laser tatto removal of eyebrows
2500 UAH
1750 UAH
Laser removal of monochrome tatto (3х3 centimeters)
500 UAH
350 UAH
Laser removal of multicolored tatto (3х3 centimeters)
600 UAH
420 UAH
Laser removal of monochrome tatto (10х10 centimeters)
2500 UAH
1750 UAH
Laser removal of multicolored tatto (10х10 centimeters)
4500 UAH
3150 UAH
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