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There are many complaints about problems caused by an ingrown nail – a disease called onychocryptosis. Often it causes great discomfort when walking, but even worse is that the problem can increase. It will not disappear on its own. Unpleasant appearances, pain when walking are far from an incomplete list of sensations. Our experts have extensive experience removing only the affected area of the ingrown nail.

1. The causes and symptoms of an ingrown toenail
2. Examination and consultation at the Gold Laser clinic
3. Laser nail removal procedure
4. Care after the correction
5. The cost of removing the ingrown nail

The causes and symptoms of an ingrown nail

There may be several reasons for the appearance of a problem of ingrown toenail:

  • features of the structure of the fingers;
  • uncomfortable shoes;
  • incorrect trimming of the nail.

Such violations have several symptoms:

  • inflammatory granulation;
  • secretion from the affected area;
  • inflammation and swelling;
  • redness of tissues;
  • pain when pressed.

Examination and consultation at the Gold Laser Clinic

In order to start the fight against the problem, you need to contact a surgeon who will assess the degree of damage. The doctor will tell about the technique of performing the operation, the local anesthesia used and further care. The operation is quite simple, so it can be performed immediately after the consultation. If this is inconvenient, then a convenient time and day can be assigned.

It should be noted that you should not wait until the disease passes into an advanced stage. If the nail grows on the foot, an inflammatory process can begin which not only cause complications when walking but can also cause other problems. As a rule, an ingrown toenail on both toes appears symmetrically, even if symptoms are observed on only one side. If similar symptoms appear on the second leg, then the operation will have to be performed on it as well.

Laser nail removal procedure

The process of treating an ingrown nail with a laser includes:

  • local anesthesia;
  • removal of part of the nail;
  • removal and cleaning of the inflamed part of the lateral wall of the finger.

The procedure for laser treatment of ingrown nails in Kyiv has its own advantages when compared with surgical intervention in the traditional way. It has no contraindications but most importantly, the issue of re-emergence is being addressed. It is not necessary to completely remove the nail plate, only the ingrown part needs to be removed. In the process, the expanded sprout zone is cauterized, using a laser, while surrounding tissues are not injured. In addition, the laser cleans infected tissues, which eliminates the process of possible further inflammation and other consequences. With us, you can quickly and painlessly solve the problem of ingrown nails thanks to the modern laser removal method. For treatment, you need to allocate only an hour of your precious time, while you will not feel any pain. We perform the procedure with a CO2 laser, which shortens the rehabilitation period.

Care after correction

The duration of the procedure is half an hour. The very next day you will feel relief. The operation is completely painless and anemic because when it is performed, coagulation of bleeding tissues occurs.

All that is required is to remove the swab the day after surgery. The finger with the bandage should be soaked in warm water for five minutes, then deploy the bandage and remove the swab with a decisive and quick movement. Small bleeding might occurs yet this should not scare, as it is considered normal. Rinse the wound, pat dry with sterile cotton and bandage it. The wound is washed twice a day.

There is also nothing wrong with such indications at the healing stage:

  • redness of the border of the site of removal of the ingrown nail;
  • small secretion from the wound.

Seven days after the operation, you can leave the wound open so that it receives a greater flow of air. This will speed up the healing process. No need to apply any powders or creams. Full recovery should be observed after four to six weeks.

The cost of removing the ingrown nail

An important advantage of laser treatment of an ingrown nail is that the correction takes place in the area where it is necessary – the entire nail does not break, which is typical for surgical removal of the ingrown nail. As a result, healing is much faster and the discomfort when walking is less pronounced. The price of removing the ingrown nail with a laser is not high, given the complete disposal of this problem as a result. To clarify the cost, you can call our clinic or come to an appointment.

The price of removing the ingrown nail in Kiev

Laser removal of ingrown toenails (single nail) 4000 UAH
Injectable anesthesia 2500 UAH
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