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Breast lipofilling

Lipofilling is a process of grafting one’s own fatty tissue from one part of the body with more fat to another. This operation is performed on the breast to increase it or change its shape.

Indications to breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is needed to:
  • restore the shape of the breast gland after a tumor resection;
  • change the shape of the breast in case of asymmetry;
  • life the breast after breastfeeding.
The point is that only 70% of the transplanted fatty tissue take on with the rest getting reabsorbed. For a complete take even of one’s own tissue, a strong network of blood vessels is required to supply the new tissue. The fat from liposuction is not injected into the glandular tissue of the breast gland, but into the space between muscles or between the skin and muscles.

Contraindication to the surgery

Contraindications to be taken into consideration include:
Липофилинг груди в Киеве
  • acute and worsening of chronic diseases;
  • dermic and hypodermic diseases;
  • endocrine disorders and related diseases that can disrupt the trophism of tissues (diabetes mellitus, thyrotoxicosis);
  • initial stages of breast cancer;
  • menstruation period.

Stages of breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling in Kyiv is done in several stages. The aim of the operation is to preserve as many fat cells as possible that are grafted from sites with extra fat deposits to the breast. Stage 1 – liposuction of fatty tissue from parts of the patient’s body where it is in excess (thighs, stomach, buttocks). Liposuction is performed using a special rounded tube, and cuts on the skin are not larger than 2-5 mm preserving the integrity of blood and nervous networks. Liposuction is done by a water-jet method to preserve as many living fat cells as possible. Stage 2 – treatment and purification of the obtained material. This is done by settling, washing or centrifugation. It purifies the fatty tissue from dead cells, blood impurities and drugs. After the purification, the fatty tissue is treated by a special solution for a better take. It is mixed with the patient’s own plasma enriched with platelets. Stage 3 – implantation of the obtained material. The introduction technique reminds the filling of honeycomb – the fatty tissue is introduced in the breast zone in little columns.

Characteristics of the surgery and post-operative period

Small cuts and fat introduction sites are covered with a plaster. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so the patient stays at the in-patient department and is observed by the doctor during the first day following the operation. Swelling may appear during first days, but is passes quickly. Due to a high percentage of fat that does not take, the technique of enriching the fatty tissue with stem cells has been adopted, and it considerably increased the percentage of surviving tissue. Breast lipofilling can be combined with other plastic surgeries on the breast (implant insertion). The operation is absolutely safe for the woman’s health. Breast lipofilling can be repeated if necessary.

Prices for breast lipofilling in Kyiv

Manipulation name Ph.D. (Medicine) Plastic surgeon
Breast lipofilling 2500 euro 2000 euro
* payment in UAH at the rate applicable on the day of payment
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