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Deformations of the nipple can be either congenital or acquired and cause a lot of unpleasant sensations to a woman, especially in intimate life. Of course, even the most beautiful breasts will look unaesthetic with a large areola and a sloppy nipple. The operation to correct the nipple and areola can be performed in combination with other types of plastic surgery, as well as a separate operation. From a medical point of view, the presence of deformations or a change in the size of the nipple and areola is not a health problem, but each woman decides for herself whether to perform such an operation or not since these defects can cause psycho-emotional disorders.

Indications and preparation for the procedure

Before the operation, it is necessary to undergo a full examination and pass tests, as well as get advice from an oncologist and anesthetist. A week before the operation, you must stop taking alcohol and other substances that can cause blood thinning (aspirin, hormones).
Indications for the operation are as follows:
  • too large areola around the nipple;
  • the presence of asymmetry and deformation of the nipple;
  • the presence of a hypertrophied or retracted nipple;
  • the presence of a wide or long nipple;
  • lack of nipple and areola.

Features of operations to correct the nipple and areola

Correction of the nipples and areola could be different depending on their condition:
  1. The essence of the areola correction operation is reduced to cutting around it and excising the excess pigmented skin without affecting the milk ducts of the gland.
  2. If a woman in the future decides to give birth, then there will be no problems with feeding her baby. If a woman has a strongly inverted nipple, then this is due to short milk ducts. The essence of the operation is that the doctor frees the milk ducts from the cords with the help of small incisions 2-3 mm in size. Women who still want to give birth in the future will not have to worry – after such an operation they will be able to breastfeed.
  3. Too large a nipple is removed by the method of wedge-shaped excision, and at the same time, it becomes impossible to feed the baby in the future. However, the reason for such a nipple was a long or many times repeated period of breastfeeding.
  4. If women do not have a nipple and areola, then reconstructive plastic surgery is performed, during which a new nipple is formed from the skin of the breast, and sections of pigmented skin from the perineum or from the area of the areola of a healthy breast are taken to form the areola. In extreme cases, areola tattooing is done in the postoperative period. These types of operations are resorted to in case of breast amputation due to the occurrence of a cancerous tumor.

Postoperative period and correction results

Complications after surgery are not dangerous and appear as small abrasions and cracks. It is possible a decrease in the sensitivity of the nipple and areola, but over time it is restored. All nipple and areola corrections are simple operations that do not require a woman to stay in the hospital for a long time, and on the day of surgery, she can go home. If a woman feels pain or a burning sensation at the site of surgery, then painkillers can be taken. Sutures are removed 4-5 days after surgery, and in case of application of absorbable material are not removed.

The cost of correction of the nipple and areola in Kyiv

Название процедуры Head physician Plastic surgeon
Nipple and areola correction (one side) 350 euros 270 euros
* payment is made in UAH at the exchange rate at the time of payment
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