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Often women ask not to increase but to reduce the breast. The voluminous breast of a fragile woman can change her posture, form a stoop or scoliosis, and also cause back pain. The purpose of the operation is to remove excess areas of the breast and move the nipple with areola to a new location. Before undergoing surgery, you must:
  • undergo a full examination for infections, various diseases, pass all tests;
  • it is not recommended to take medications containing aspirin, as well as vitamin E and lecithin for at least 10 days;
  • It is recommended to take a shower and have an easy dinner before surgery.

Features of the operation and the postoperative period

Removal of excess areas is carried out using a short vertical incision. In this case, the sensitivity of the nipple and the integrity of the milk ducts are not violated, which allows the woman to lead a normal lifestyle and breastfeed in the future. After breast reduction surgery, the scars remain invisible, and the operation itself does not affect the risk of developing breast cancer. Mammography can be done at least a year later. In the postoperative period, such sensations are possible:
  • there may be slight discomfort during movement;
  • there may be swelling of soft tissues and a decrease in skin sensitivity;
  • in the first days after surgery, the temperature may rise.

Results after surgery

On the 2nd or 3rd day, the patient can be discharged home and monitored on an outpatient basis. On 10th-14th day after surgery, the sutures are removed. The final result is visible after a few months. Changes after surgery:
  • reduction of the volume of the breast and its shape by a more aesthetic;
  • reduction of back pain and discomfort;
  • facilitating the medical examination of the breast.

The cost of breast reduction surgery in Kyiv

Head physician Plastic surgeon
Breast reduction, reduction mammoplasty with liposuction or lipofilling 2500 – 3000 euros 2500 – 3000 euros
* payment is made in UAH at the exchange rate at the time of payment
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