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The Alexandrite laser, equipped with an integrated skin cooling system, has gained immense popularity among the Laser cosmetologists at the Gold Laser Clinic. This unique technology effectively and quickly eliminates unwanted hair, while delivering a minimum discomfort.

Thanks to the convenient touch panel, the doctor sets up individual program parameters taking into consideration the characteristics of the type of hair and skin. Adjustable cooling power and exposure, the ability to select the parameters that are ideal for the client make this laser more than in demand.

Alexandrite laser is a source of instant hair removal. After a course of procedures, you can forget about hair removal and shaving for many years. Laser epilation with alexandrite laser is ideal for removing dark hairs.

The main advantages of alexandrite laser hair removal

Alexandrite laser has the most powerful effect on melanin, among other lasers. Also, this laser does not require shaving hair before the procedure, since the required hair length is 2-3 mm. For comparison, for hair removal using a diode laser, it is necessary to shave off the hair completely in all desired areas.

Alexandrite laser instantly heats the dermis, and its cooling system avoids burns, redness and other unpleasant consequences. The destruction of the hair follicle, in this case, is carried out in milliseconds. The size of the laser hair removal nozzle is 18 mm2; this size makes it possible to quickly and accurately treat the problem area, leaving nearby areas of the skin outside the treatment area.

The entire course of the procedure gives a lasting aesthetic effect. Laser hair removal, therefore, is a quick, painless and effective way to remove unwanted hair. It should be noted that after the course of hair removal with an alexandrite laser, the hair does not “grow”, which means that inflammatory reactions are excluded.

The laser beam follows from the end of the hair to its base of the reproductive system (hair follicle) and instantly destroys it. Despite the rapid increase in temperature in the bulb area, hair removal using a laser system is completely painless, since the dermis is cooled in the same milliseconds. The first procedure allows you to remove hair that is at the initial stage of development. Old and mature hairs at the end of the procedure grow again, so additional manipulations are necessary. In order to carry out complete hair removal, 3 to 5 sessions are required. Slight redness of the skin can be observed shortly after exposure to an alexandrite laser (people with sensitive skin). However, these symptoms pass on their own and do not require special care. Moreover, at the end of laser hair removal, the surface of the skin is treated with a softening agent that acts both softening and soothing.

Please remember that at the end of laser hair removal procedures for a week is not recommended to sunbathe. For two weeks, going out in the sun, you need to use a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least SPF50 since the skin becomes temporarily hypersensitive to UF-rays.

Highly qualified doctors of the Gold Laser Cosmetology Clinic developed individual programs combining laser hair removal techniques, which ultimately lead to 100% hair removal for a long period. Also for our regular customers, we have various discount systems.

Prices for Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

 Name of procedure Price  
Face, neck
Face 1000 UAH  
Upper lip 350 UAH  
Chin 350 UAH  
Cheeks 350 UAH  
Whiskey and cheeks 700 UAH  
Eyebrows 350 UAH  
Between the eyebrow 350 UAH  
Whiskey 350 UAH  
Back of the head 300 UAH  
Forehead 400 UAH  
Nose 300 UAH  
The ears 400 UAH  
Women’s neck 450 UAH  
Men’s neck 600 UAH  
Back, belly
Areola 350 UAH  
Chest area (female) 700 UAH  
Neckline 450 UAH  
White line abdomen 450 UAH  
The female belly 800 UAH  
The male belly 1100 UAH  
Women’s back 1200 UAH  
Men’s back 2500 UAH  
Women’s Loin 650 UAH  
Men’s loin 800 UAH  
Hands to the elbow 800 UAH  
Hands completely 1000 UAH  
Men’s shoulders 1000 UAH  
Axillary areas 550 UAH  
Forearm 800 UAH  
Fingers 350 UAH  
Hands + fingers 500 UAH  
Intimate areas
Bikini deep 1050 UAH  
Partially bikini 850 UAH  
Buttocks partially 700 UAH  
Female buttocks 1000 UAH  
Male buttocks 1200 UAH  
Men’s bikini 1500 UAH  
Partially bikini for men 1200 UAH  
Pubic area (male) 1200 UAH  
Hips (inside, outside, back) 900 UAH  
Hips (fully) 1500 UAH  
Shins 1300 UAH  
Knees 400 UAH  
Legs completely 2500 UAH  
Men’s legs (fully) 3000 UAH  
Feet + toes 500 UAH  

Лазерная эпиляция александритовым лазером

 Область проведения Цена  
Лицо, шея
Лицо 1500 грн  
Верхняя губа 600 грн  
Подбородок 600 грн  
Виски и щеки 900 грн  
Межбровье 500 грн  
Виски 500 грн  
Затылок 400 грн  
Лоб 500 грн  
Нос 400 грн  
Уши 500 грн  
Шея женская 600 грн  
Шея мужская 800 грн  
Спина, живот
Ареолы 500 грн  
Грудная область (женская) 900 грн  
Декольте 500 грн  
Белая линия живота 600 грн  
Живот женский 1000 грн  
Живот мужской 1400 грн  
Спина женская 1500 грн  
Спина мужская 3000 грн  
Поясница женская 800 грн  
Поясница мужская 1000 грн  
Руки до локтя 1000 грн  
Руки полностью 1200 грн  
Плечи женские 1100 грн  
Плечи мужские 1200 грн  
Подмышечные области 800 грн  
Предплечья 1000 грн  
Пальцы 500 грн  
Кисти рук +пальцы 600 грн  
Интимные зоны
Бикини женское глубокое 1500 грн  
Бикини женское частично 1100 грн  
Ягодицы частично 900 грн  
Ягодицы женские 1200 грн  
Ягодицы мужские 1500 грн  
Бикини мужское глубокое 3000 грн  
Бикини мужское частично 2700 грн  
Лобковая зона (мужская) 1500 грн  
Бедра (внутренняя часть, наружная, задняя) 1100 грн  
Бедра (полностью) 1800 грн  
Голени 1600 грн  
Колени 500 грн  
Ноги полностью 3000 грн  
Ноги (полностью) мужские 3600 грн  
Стопы+пальцы 600 грн  
Все тело
Все тело (женское) 10200 грн  
Все тело (мужское) 12600 грн  


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