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Are you worried about enlarged pores on your face, pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne? This problem can be solved by resorting to a chemical facial peeling procedure. This procedure achieves an exclusively aesthetic and cosmetic effect.
At the Gold Laser Clinic, experienced professionals will provide you with expert advice and recommendations regarding the procedure. The peeling mechanism consists of the penetration into the skin of special molecules – carriers of the main active components of the peeling. Such molecules penetrate more easily through the upper layer of the skin into the depths of their tissues.

Acid solutions gently exfoliate keratinized cells, accelerate tissue renewal, and stimulate the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin. Moreover, chemical peeling is softer than the outdated method of mechanical peeling, which, due to the high level of micro-traumatization of the skin, was found to be harmful.

Facial Peeling Classification

Chemical peeling solutions have varying degrees of penetration. Given this fact, a classification of face peelings was compiled that solve various cosmetic problems:


  • surface peeling – solutions based on glycolic, salicylic or mandelic acids. Suitable for removing minor defects on the surface of the skin, evens out the relief and whitens the color;
  • medium – solutions with a combined composition that activate collagen production, making the skin supple. Ideal in the fight against facial wrinkles and pigmentation;
  • deep chemical peeling – peeling solutions based on trichloroacetic or pyruvic acids. It is used for complete rejuvenation of the skin of the face, elimination of pigmentation.

The intensity of chemical peeling is selected on the basis of consultation and examination by a dermatologist of the Gold Laser Clinic.

There is a developed and laboratory-tested line of solutions for chemical peeling of hands, skin around the eyes and other areas of the skin, which is most exposed to adverse effects of external factors.


The procedure of chemical peeling of the face takes only 5-10 minutes. With a special applicator, the composition of the peeling is applied to thoroughly cleansed face skin. At the time of the appearance of “frost”, the effect of peeling is neutralized. The next few days after the procedure, erythema (redness) may form on the skin.


Gold Laser Clinic of Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery specialists will recommend a scheme for further skin care in order to avoid redness and peeling of the skin. However, you should not refer to this procedure if you have any of the following contraindications:

  • allergy to any substance in chemical peeling;
  • herpes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • AVRD.

The price of chemical peels includes an initial consultation with a dermatologist, depending on the peeling used and the number of procedures.

Video of this service

1500 UAH


Сhemical peeling ENERPEEL (Italy)

GA – 40

Glycolic 40% (glycolic acid 40%,pH 0,9)

1500 UAH


Glycolic 70% (glycolic acid 70%,pH 0,05)

1500 UAH


Pyruvic (pyruvic acid 50%, pH 0,05)

1500 UAH


Mandelico (mandelic acid 40%, pH 1,6)

1500 UAH


Salicylic (salicylic acid 30%, pH 1,6)

1500 UAH


Medium (salicylic acid 15%, lactic acid 20%, resorcinol 14%)

2000 UAH


Medium with anesthesia (trichloroacetic acid 25%, pH 0,15)

3000 UAH

TCA strong

Medium-strong (trichloroacetic acid 40%, pH 0,01)

3500 UAH


Pyruvic (pyruvic acid 35%, lactic acid 10%, pH 0,50)

1500 UAH


Piling for hands (trichloroacetic acid 20%, lactic acid 10%, pH 0,10)

1500 грн


Piling for eyes (4 times) (trichloroacetic acid 3,75%, lactic acidа 15%, pH 0,9)

4000 UAH


All-season medium peeling (trichloroacetic acid 33%, hydrogen peroxide, kojic acid)

100 euro

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