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Nowadays the treatment of scars and scars in Kyiv can be performed in several ways, both traditional and surgical. Depending on the type of scars to be treated, the doctor chooses a correction method that is most suitable for a particular patient: SCARS REMOVAL
  • treatment of postoperative scars;
  • laser scar removal;
  • removal of keloid scars;
  • removal of scars after acne;
  • removal of scars on the face.
The most effective way is to remove scars by surgery. Removal of scars means their excision, and then tissue replacement with deformation of healthy skin.

Surgical treatment of scars

Scar treatment can significantly simplify the life of the patient. Surgical methods of treatment make it possible to replace scars with less visible and more accurate ones. As a rule, the surgical correction method is a scar excision by local tissues. This is the only method to give the scar an improved appearance, especially when it comes to reducing its width! Do not forget that reducing the width is only possible with surgery! SCARS REMOVALThe surgical method for the treatment of scars contributes to:
  • moving the scar to a hidden area;
  • if there are foreign particles in the scar tissue, then their removal;
  • if there are violations of the tissues relief in the scar zone, then their correction;
  • reducing the width of the scar.

Wound healing conditions for scar excision

Depending on the conditions, healing during excision of the scar will take place as follows: 1. Favorable conditions:
  • on the seam line, the tissue tension does not increase with movement;
  • the skin surrounding the scar is relaxed and thin;
  • the edges of the wound easily come together and are mobile;
  • small scar width.
2. Unfavorable conditions:
  • on the seam line, the tension of the tissues increases with movement;
  • thick or medium-thick skin surrounding the scar;
  • the edges of the wound are moderately mobile and for their rapprochement, for their approach requires a broad mobilization;
  • significant or average scar width.
3. Extremely unfavorable conditions:
  • on the seam line, the tension of the fabrics is greatly enhanced by movement;
  • sedentary and thick skin surrounding the scar;
  • the edges of the wound are reduced with considerable effort, are inactive or do not come close;
  • significant or average scar width.

Consultation at Gold Laser Clinic

SCARS REMOVALDuring preparation for an operation to remove scars, the completeness of the information and its awareness by the patient, obtaining true expectations of the real effect, the existing risk and manifestations in the postoperative period are important. Particular attention should be paid to the description of the procedure for performing the operation and what the patient can expect after it. At the consultation, it is impossible to neglect the need to convey to the patient that it is completely impossible to remove the scar, you can reduce its visibility and place it in the right direction. It is also important to discuss the healing process after surgery. The Gold Laser Clinic offers effective treatments for a variety of types of scars. We perform scar removal after surgery, laser scar removal, keloid and scar removal after acne, as well as facial scar removal of any complexity.

Prices for the treatment of scars and scars in Kyiv

Injection Local Anesthesia 1500 UAH
Laser scar excision (1 cm, body area) 2000 UAH
Laser scar excision (1 cm, facial area) 3000 UAH
Laser scar excision (up to 10 cm) 11700 UAH
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