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From the moment of its appearance in the field of cosmetology, a neodymium laser is considered an innovation among methods of laser exposure to human skin and differs from other methods of hair removal by the effective removal of hair from any skin type. Hair removal with such a laser is possible even on tanned skin and dark skin. Moreover, this procedure is absolutely comfortable and painless. LASER EPILATION BY NEODIUM LASER Thanks to neodymium hair removal, it became possible to eliminate hair located on any part of the body and face: lower legs, bikini area, axillary hollows.

Indications for use

A neodymium laser has been successfully used to eliminate unwanted dark, gray, red, fluffy, blond hair with any skin type. A neodymium laser is the only device that eliminates unwanted hair on dark and tanned skin, the area of the upper lip and so on.

Benefits of using

LASER EPILATION BY NEODIUM LASER Neodymium laser hair removal is allowed to take place even in the summer. In addition to eliminating unwanted hair in the area of exposure, there is an increase in the elasticity and firmness of the skin, a general improvement in its condition, which occurs under the influence of laser exposure. Further to long-term hair loss, hair removal with a neodymium laser has many advantages. It has a lifting effect, at the end of the course of procedures there is no irritation and “ingrown” hair, the quality of the skin improves significantly. The full course includes 5 to 8 treatments.

Neodymium Laser Hair Removal Procedure

For the basic principle of neodymium laser exposure was taken the temperature effect on the hair follicle. Invisible to the eye, a laser beam with a high percentage selectivity acts on the pigment of the hair, while eliminating the hair follicle at the same time. It should be noted that the percentage of melanin in the hair shaft for a neodymium laser is less important than for other types of such devices. LASER EPILATION BY NEODIUM LASERThis circumstance makes it an almost perfect device, suitable for removing dark and blond hair. It should be noted that before and after the full course of procedures for a week, it is undesirable to be under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Also for regular customers in our Clinic, there is a system of discounts and bonuses from the first visit!   LASER EPILATION BY NEODIUM LASER LASER EPILATION BY NEODIUM LASER

Video procedures

Prices for Neodymium Laser Hair Removal

 Name of procedure Price
Face, neck
Face 1000 UAH
Upper lip 350 UAH
Chin 350 UAH
Cheeks 350 UAH
Whiskey and cheeks 700 UAH
Eyebrows 350 UAH
Between the eyebrow 350 UAH
Whiskey 350 UAH
Back of the head 300 UAH
Forehead 400 UAH
Nose 300 UAH
The ears 400 UAH
Women’s neck 450 UAH
Men’s neck 600 UAH
Back, belly
Areola 350 UAH
Chest area (female) 700 UAH
Neckline 450 UAH
White line abdomen 450 UAH
The female belly 800 UAH
The male belly 1100 UAH
Women’s back 1200 UAH
Men’s back 2500 UAH
Women’s Loin 650 UAH
Men’s loin 800 UAH
Hands to the elbow 800 UAH
Hands completely 1000 UAH
Men’s shoulders 1000 UAH
Axillary areas 550 UAH
Forearm 800 UAH
Fingers 350 UAH
Hands + fingers 500 UAH
Intimate areas
Bikini deep 1050 UAH
Partially bikini 850 UAH
Buttocks partially 700 UAH
Female buttocks 1000 UAH
Male buttocks 1200 UAH
Men’s bikini 1500 UAH
Partially bikini for men 1200 UAH
Pubic area (male) 1200 UAH
Hips (inside, outside, back) 900 UAH
Hips (fully) 1500 UAH
Shins 1300 UAH
Knees 400 UAH
Legs completely 2500 UAH
Men’s legs (fully) 3000 UAH
Feet + toes 500 UAH
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