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Today in Kyiv there are a fairly large number of centers, salons, and clinics that provide laser hair removal services with different types of lasers. That is why it is quite difficult to choose a place and method of removal; get the expected result with a high level of service and at an affordable price. Today experts advise choosing clinics where all types of laser hair removal devices are present (alexandrite laser, neodymium, and diode); where dermatologists with higher medical education will choose the best equipment to work with you. The science of “Dermatology” studies the structure of the skin, physiology, skin diseases, their diagnosis and treatment. Who else but a dermatologist can choose the right laser that is ideal for your hair and skin type? Who can explain all the features of laser hair removal?

Our advantages:

  • three types of lasers for hair removal: alexandrite, neodymium, and diode;
  • procedures are carried out only by dermatologists;
  • certified equipment;
  • lasers of the latest generations;
  • we are located in the very center of the city (300 meters from the subway station Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho);
  • professional, friendly staff;
  • promotions and system of discounts for customers from the first visit!

The benefits of diode laser hair removal

Due to the strong heating of melanin (the dark pigment located in the hair and hair follicle), a diode laser destroys it, so that the hair does not grow further. During the destruction of the hair follicle, the hair follicle is heated, which lasts a split second, so the surrounding tissues and skin do not have time to warm up.All along with laser hair removal procedures using a diode laser, it is recommended to shave the areas where the procedure is performed and it is forbidden to remove hair by any other methods that injure the bulb, such as wax depilation, electric depilation, plucking hair, sugaring, and other methods. If you do not follow this recommendation, then the effectiveness of laser hair removal will be reduced and you may not see the result at all when undergoing procedures on either the legs or the face.There may be a sensation of warmth or tingling sensation during hair removal. If you have sensitive skin, there may be slight redness in the area of hair removal that lasts for several hours, so it is recommended to well moisturize the skin.The procedure of laser hair removal can last from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours, it depends on where the procedure will be performed (upper lip, armpits, bikini, legs). The laser has a skin cooling system, so in most cases, additional pain relief is not required.If you have an increased sensitivity of the skin, you can perform additional anesthesia with an anesthetic cream though it must be applied on the skin 20-30 minutes before the procedure, thus the duration of the procedure will increase.

Features of diode laser hair removal:

  • at the time of hair removal, smoothly shaved skin is required 4-5 hours before the procedure;
  • it is forbidden to perform wax depilation, mechanical depilation (electrodepilation), hair plucking and tearing out with any other various methods throughout the entire course of laser procedures;
  • 14 days before the procedure and after it is not recommended to sunbathe and visit the solarium;
  • while taking antibiotics, laser hair removal cannot be performed, it is necessary that at least 14 days have passed after the end of the course of treatment;
  • 3 days before and after the laser hair removal procedure with a diode laser, it is not recommended to apply products that contain alcohol (lotions, tonics, peels, etc.) to the skin in the area of the treatment;
  • the intervals between the procedures recommended by the doctor must be followed;
  • A day after the procedure, it is not recommended to visit the sauna, hot shower or bath;
  • laser hair removal is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in the summer period of time or being under direct exposure to sunlight for 14 days before and after the procedure, it is necessary to use sunscreen SPF 50;
  • after laser hair removal, hair does not grow back, shaving irritation disappears;
  • diode laser does not remove light, gray, fluffy hair;
  • laser hair removal should not be performed for diabetes mellitus and various skin diseases.

Prices for diode laser epilation in Kyiv

 Name of procedurePrice
Face, neck
Face1000 UAH
Upper lip350 UAH
Chin350 UAH
Cheeks350 UAH
Whiskey and cheeks700 UAH
Eyebrows350 UAH
Between the eyebrow350 UAH
Whiskey350 UAH
Back of the head300 UAH
Forehead400 UAH
Nose300 UAH
The ears400 UAH
Women’s neck450 UAH
Men’s neck600 UAH
Back, belly
Areola350 UAH
Chest area (female)700 UAH
Neckline450 UAH
White line abdomen450 UAH
The female belly800 UAH
The male belly1100 UAH
Women’s back1200 UAH
Men’s back2500 UAH
Women’s Loin650 UAH
Men’s loin800 UAH
Hands to the elbow800 UAH
Hands completely1000 UAH
Men’s shoulders1000 UAH
Axillary areas550 UAH
Forearm800 UAH
Fingers350 UAH
Hands + fingers500 UAH
Intimate areas
Bikini deep1050 UAH
Partially bikini850 UAH
Buttocks partially700 UAH
Female buttocks1000 UAH
Male buttocks1200 UAH
Men’s bikini1500 UAH
Partially bikini for men1200 UAH
Pubic area (male)1200 UAH
Hips (inside, outside, back)900 UAH
Hips (fully)1500 UAH
Shins1300 UAH
Knees400 UAH
Legs completely2500 UAH
Men’s legs (fully)3000 UAH
Feet + toes500 UAH
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