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Vaginal distension is a common postpartum problem. The passage of the fetus through the birth canal leads to the expansion of their walls, which is often accompanied by muscle breaks. Obstetricians suture these muscles to prevent further discrepancies. A scar forms in this area. It reduces muscles tone, which causes their stretching.

Indications for vaginoplasty

Stretching the walls of the vagina is not dangerous in itself. It’s it complications that might be dangerous:

  • prolapse and dropping of the uterus;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • the disappearance of an orgasm or a decrease in its strength after childbirth;
  • the occurrence of infectious diseases: colpitis, vulvovaginitis, etc.

Therefore, vaginoplasty is recommended for all women who have a sprain, with a preventive purpose.

The main contraindications for vaginal plastic surgery

There are a number of contraindications to the procedure that the plastic surgeon identifies during the first consultation. You may not be allowed to operate if:

  • you have a severe chronic disease: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart failure;
  • history of pain intolerance;
  • there are bleeding disorders;
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Vaginal plastic surgery is also contraindicated in local processes: dysbiosis, infectious processes, neoplasms, and pelvic organ prolapse.

Preparation for plastic surgery of the vagina

Before the operation, you must visit a plastic surgeon and gynecologist. You will be examined on a gynecological chair, your complaints will be heard and anamnesis collected, identify contraindications to the procedure. You also need to pass a standard package of tests: blood, urine, and smear from the vagina.

The day before plastics it is forbidden to have sex, take anticoagulants and antibiotics. Take a shower and go to the procedure.

Description of the process of vaginal plastic surgery

In the cosmetology and plastic surgery clinic Gold Laser, plastic surgery is performed using surgical sutures.

The main stages of the procedure:


  1. Preparation. The operation site is anesthetized and treated with an antiseptic.
  2. The main stage. The surgeon implants a surgical thread. For a good effect, 1-2 threads are required.

The thread gives instant tightening of the walls of the vagina. It resolves within 2 years but the effect remains longer: the fibrous framework remains from the thread, which keeps the vaginal walls in tone.

Duration and results of vaginoplasty

The duration of the procedure is approximately 1 hour. Time depends on the degree of expansion and the anatomical features of the intimate zone of a woman. The result lasts for 3-4 years. What effect can be achieved with surgical threads:

  • increase of comfort and sensations in the sexual life of men and women;
  • prevention of infectious diseases of the female genital organs: vulvovaginitis, colpitis;
  • prevention of prolapse and dropping of the uterus;
  • treatment of urination disorders associated with vaginal muscle dysfunction.

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

The rehabilitation period after colporaphia

Recovery after vaginal plastic surgery lasts 7-10 days. During this period, there are a number of restrictions that a woman must comply with:

  • refrain from sexual intercourse;
  • avoid heavy physical exertion and weight lifting;
  • do not overheat: hot baths, baths, and saunas must be excluded;
  • do not smoke or take alcohol.

If pain, itching, or secretions from the genital tract are observed during the rehabilitation process, immediately contact the plastic surgeon who performed the operation.

Vaginal plastic prices

Come to the Gold Laser Clinic in Kyiv! You can call us by phone or sign up in the form on our website. Restore your previous sexual sensations and prevent complications after the expansion of the vagina. Come to the Gold Laser Clinic and entrust our professional plastic surgeons!

Name of procedure
Laser treatment of vaginal atrophy 4000 UAH
Laser treatment for vulvovaginal aging
4000 UAH
Laser treatment of the syndrome of the “big vagina”
4000 UAH
Laser treatment of age-related mucosal changes
4000 UAH
Laser treatment of genital prolapse (vaginal wall prolapse)
4000 UAH
Laser treatment for urinary incontinence
4000 UAH
Laser fractional resurfacing of the intimate area
3500 UAH
Laser fractional resurfacing of the gluteal fold or fold of the buttock
2000 UAH
Laser treatment of postpartum scars
3500 UAH
Contouring of the labia majora (1ml)
10000 UAH
Contouring of the labia minora (1ml)
10000 UAH
Contour plastic inside the vagina (1ml)
10000 UAH
Contour plastic of the G-spot zone (1 ml)
8000 UAH
Laser removal of genital warts
from 700 UAH/pc
Doctor’s hour of work (removal of genital warts)
6000 UAH
Laser removal of cervical polyps
6000 UAH
Removal of uterine polyps
from 6000 UAH
Laser cervical plastic surgery
10000 UAH
Laser separation of synechia of the external genitalia
8500 UAH
Surgical defloration
2500 UAH
Vaginal cyst removal
4000 UAH
Sedation (intravenous anesthesia)
6000-10500 UAH
Local injection anesthesia, cream, spray
500 UAH
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