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Laser liposuction

08.08.2018 Обновлено: 14 October 2020
The Gold Laser clinic offers an innovative method for figure correction and elimination of inharmonious fat deposits — laser liposuction. The latest discoveries in laser technologies have opened up new horizons for patients and specialists. In the first place, it is all about esthetics and rejuvenation without a scalpel. That is why no long rehabilitation, no bruises, scars and other negative effects is considered a norm. Whereas a plastic surgery was a scary notion before, it is now just a comfortable and painless manipulation. What exactly are these incredible techniques about? There are many synonyms — figure correction or liposuction using a laser, but the essence is the same — it is all lipodestruction with the help of a laser. Липодеструкция с помощью лазера Extra fat deposits on the body is a problem faced by many people. They are usually called “fat traps” – regions where fat is deposited in the first place. It is difficult to get rid of it when a person is trying to lose weight. Previously, a solution to this problem was traditional mechanical liposuction.

Differences between traditional and laser liposuction

Despite its simplicity, traditional liposuction has a number of disadvantages:
  • limited treatment of certain isolated areas;
  • pronounced painfulness around the operation site;
  • need to wear compression garment for at least 2 months;
  • pronounced lymphostasis: swelling and a long post-operative rehabilitation period;
  • extensive subcutaneous hemorrhage with bruising;
  • rough and flabby skin.
Nowadays, these problems can be avoided thanks to the cutting-edge laser liposuction technique. This technique implies the correction of excessive subcutaneous fatty tissue by treating it with laser radiation.

Indications and contraindications

There are no direct indications to laser liposuction, so the main indication is the patient’s desire to have attractive body shapes. Women most often suffer from fat deposits in the stomach, thighs, upper arms and buttocks. Men face fat deposits in the chin, shoulders, oblique muscles and around breast glands. Fat reduction surgeries in our clinic are performed on all body parts, even the most delicate ones such as cheeks and malar zones under the eyes. The main condition is lack of contraindications and the patient’s puberty. The procedure is not indicated in the following cases:
  • oncology;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pathology of the heart, liver, kidneys and vessels;
  • dermatological rush where fat is localized;
  • skin damage;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period;
  • pacemaker.

Laser liposuction process

Before the surgery, the patient undergoes a physical examination and has all tests taken to exclude all contraindications. There are no other special preparations — laser liposuction is performed under local anesthesia and lasts for 1–2 hours. All manipulations take maximum 40 minutes if fat is not spread very much. The patient leaves home several hours after the operation. The doctor introduces a very thin (0.2 mm) cannula with the fiber laser probe through little punctures. The laser acts on fat cells and disintegrates them. Then the doctor sucks the fat through the cannula or leaves it to be excreted from the body in a natural manner. The laser does not injure neighboring tissues; on the contrary, it stimulates metabolic process and the generation of collagen. Several sessions are recommended to remove big amounts of fat. Shins, inner thighs, upper and middle back cause the greatest difficulties due to the structure of tissues in these regions. One or two sessions will be sufficient if the skin is flexible and fit. Otherwise, liposuction will be combined with other correction manipulations, for example, abdominoplasty or lipofilling.

Laser liposuction results

Dynamic radiation of a neodymium laser is used in this technique. As a result of laser liposuction, you get the following: Лазерный липолиз
    • removal of fat deposits on any body parts;
    • no need for narcosis, all manipulations are performed under local infiltration anesthesia;
    • no post-operative scars on the skin thanks to the thin cannula (up to 1 mm in diameter);
    • noticeable skin lifting thanks to the restructuring of connective tissue fibers;
    • coagulation of vessels leading to no bruises, hematomas or hemorrhage;
    • no rehabilitation period, no limitations of everyday activities.
    Thanks to this, the patient will return to his normal life the day after the surgery.

Rehabilitation period

It is recommended to observe the following recommendations to achieve a better effect during the rehabilitation:
  • wear compression garment for 2–3 weeks;
  • refrain from going to the sauna, swimming pool or beach;
  • avoid taking alcohol and nicotine;
  • limit physical activity for a month;
  • keep a diet.
First changes in the body or its part are already observed on the second day. But the final contours can be seen approximately after a month. For this period of time, the rest of the disintegrated cells will be absorbed into the blood flow and neutralized by the liver. Most fat cells are completely destroyed after laser liposuction. Thus, the effect is preserved for many years on condition of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to keep a healthy diet, refrain from abusing alcohol and sweet drinks and do exercise. The risk of returning fat traps is very low then. You can consult a doctor to find out more about the reduction of fat using a laser.

Prices for laser liposuction in Kyiv

Manipulation name Ph.D. (Medicine) Plastic surgeon
Laser lipolysis  (1 zone 10х10 cm) 4900 uah 4000 uah
Repeated laser lipolysis (1 zone 10х10 cm) 2450 uah 2000 uah
Laser lipolysis + liposuction 6200 uah 5000 uah
Laser lipolysis + repeated liposuction 3100 uah 2500 uah
Hips liposuction (4-8 zones) 20800 – 41600 uah 16000 – 32000 uah
Stomach liposuction (2-8 zones) 10400 – 41600 uah 8000 – 32000 uah
Inner thighs liposuction (2-4 zones) 10400 – 20800 uah 8000 – 16000 uah
Buttocks liposuction (2-4 zones) 10400 – 20800 uah 8000 – 16000 uah
Back liposuction (2-8 zones) 10400 – 41600 uah 8000 – 32000 uah
Dowager’s hump laser lipolysis 7000 uah 5000 uah
Laser lipolysis + shoulder liposuction (dowager’s hump) 9000 uah 7000 uah
Laser lipolysis + liposuction (dowager’s hump) 12800 uah 10000 uah
Pubis liposuction (1-2 zones) 5200 – 10400 uah 4000 – 8000 uah
Side liposuction (2-4 zones) 10400 – 20800 uah 8000 – 16000 uah
Leg liposuction (4-8 zones) 20800 – 41600 uah 16000 – 32000 uah
Knee liposuction (2-4 zones) 10400 – 20800 uah 8000 – 16000 uah
Saddlebags liposuction (2-4 zones) 10400 – 20800 uah 8000 – 16000 uah
Shin liposuction (2-4 zones) 10400 – 20800 uah 8000 – 16000 uah
Stomach liposuction in men (4-8 zones) 20800 – 41600 uah 16000 – 32000 uah
Результат после лазерной липоксации рук До и после лазерной липоксации рук Результаты лазерного липолиза рук До и после липолиза рук
Лазерная липоксация рук - до и после Липолиз рук - до и после
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