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Indications for LPG massage:

There are several indications for this procedure:
  • cellulite in any area of the body;
  • excess subcutaneous fat on the arms, stomach, back, buttocks or legs;
  • inelastic, sagging skin;
  • problems with posture (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis);
  • the presence of scars or stretch marks;
  • tendency to edema.
The procedure is especially indicated for those who have no time to go to the gym or follow a diet. LPG BODY MASSAGE

Contraindications for LPG massage

All contraindications to LPG massage are divided into absolute and relative. With absolute procedure is contraindicated in all cases. These include the following pathologies: severe chronic diseases, blood diseases, skin injuries and hernias. With relative contraindications, the procedure can be performed, but with some limitations. These conditions include lipomas, nevi, the period of menstruation, varicose veins, etc. Therefore, before an LPG massage, be sure to consult a cosmetologist.

Preparation for LPG massage

The day before the procedure, you need to visit a cosmetologist who will perform LPG massage. At this consultation, the doctor:
  • collect complaints and medical history;
  • examine the skin;
  • identify contraindications;
  • gives a forecast about the effectiveness of the procedure in your particular case.
You must take a shower before the procedure. No further specific training is required.

Description of the process of LPG massage

Equipment for the procedure is a vacuum chamber that is placed on the skin. Inside are special rollers that capture soft tissue and massage them. Between them is a vacuum chamber that lifts and kneads the skin. LPG massage is not done on open skin. This can lead to hematomas in the soft tissue area. Therefore, a special suit is used for the procedure, which is selected individually. It protects against accidental capture of large volumes of skin and reduces pain to a minimum. During the procedure, with the help of the manipulator of the apparatus, the whole body is treated. Particular attention is paid to the problem area – in it the beautician is delayed for 10-15 minutes. Anesthesia is not required for LPG massage – an individual suit reliably protects against accidental skin damage.

Duration and Results

The duration of the LPG massage is 35 minutes. The procedure is performed with a course of 10 sessions with an interval of one day. As a result of this manipulation, the following changes occur:
  • lipolysis starts – fat cells decrease in volume and are burned;
  • recovery processes in the connective tissue are stimulated, which leads to the production of collagen, elastin;
  • microcirculation improves – tissue tropism is restored, metabolism is normalized and lymphatic drainage is stimulated;
  • muscle tone increases and coordination of movements improves.

Rehabilitation period

During the course of the LPG massage course (20-25 days), the following recommendations should be observed:
  • do not visit baths, saunas and pools;
  • quit smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • switch to a balanced diet.
In the recovery process, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. It will help cleanse the body of excess fat and other metabolic products.

Prices for LPG massage

The cost of the procedure depends on the size of the problem area and the problem that the massage is aimed at. Gold Laser Clinic offers the following prices for this manipulation:
400 UAH
Body massage (35 min.)
1 treatment
600 UAH
Facial massage (15 min)
1 session
400 UAH
Body massage (course) + suit
10 treatments session
6000 UAH
Feel the benefits of LPG massage on yourself! Sign up for a procedure and come to the Gold Laser Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology.
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