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Lip augmentation

24.09.2019 Обновлено: 14 October 2020
Lip augmentation is a modern and affordable contouring procedure. The procedure is carried out using special preparations – fillers, based on hyaluronic acid. Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers is a safe procedure because hyaluronic acid is found in human tissues and is not rejected by the body.

Lip augmentation procedure at the Gold Laser Clinic

For most women, the phrase “beauty injection” causes negative associations with chemical products that have filled the cosmetic market. Few people know that hyaluronic acid is completely natural and is produced in the cells of the connective tissue of the body. Therefore, the appearance of allergic reactions and rejection during its use is practically excluded. The main feature of this compound is its ability to effectively retain moisture molecules. With age, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases, and its deficiency leads to a loss of skin elasticity, the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.

The benefits of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

The procedure for lip augmentation itself takes no more than half an hour, and the effect of puffy and attractive lips lasts long enough – up to 12 months. Among the main advantages are the following: Lip augmentation
  • absolute hypoallergenicity and safety due to the presence of hyaluronic acid;
  • lack of age restrictions on the procedure and rehabilitation period;
  • stimulation of the production of additional elastin and collagen;
  • no risk of migration or displacement of the filler.
Also among the main advantages of “injections of youth” can be identified the effect of biodegradation. If for some reason the new lip shapes do not suit the client, the volume of the introduced filler can be reduced with the help of an acid-destroying special enzyme. So that the discomfort is weakened, special freezing gels or conduction anesthesia with an injection are used as anesthesia. Using hermetic disposable syringes, the cosmetologist injects the product under the skin to a depth of 2-3 mm. Starting from the center and distributing it along the contour of the lips. The doctor carefully monitors that the amount of gel in the symmetrical zones is the same and no bumps form in the tissues. At the final stage, lip massage is performed and cold is applied to them.

Lip augmentation technique at Gold Laser Clinic

The main reason for women to go to cosmetology centers is the desire for an ideal appearance. The contouring plastic can give to lips sensuality and the lack of volume, which is very fashionable nowadays. In addition, lip augmentation can solve other issues: Lip augmentation
  • correct natural defects (inexpressive and fuzzy contours, asymmetry and disproportion);
  • eliminate age-related changes (over time, the lips lose their elasticity and former volume, their corners drop, wrinkles appear around the mouth);
  • make scars less invisible (customer reviews show that keloid scars and post-traumatic scars are smoothed out after beauty injections).
For these reasons, most women decide to go through this cosmetic procedure. Detailed consultation and advice of Gold Laser specialists with the necessary experience and knowledge will help you achieve the perfect result.

The Gold Laser Clinic for Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery – entrust your beauty to professionals

The pursuit of absolute mutual understanding with customers is the main goal of the staff of our clinic. We value your natural beauty and personality, doing everything possible to emphasize and improve it:
  • price held at an acceptable level;
  • high professionalism of employees – the procedure is performed by a dermatologist (not by a cosmetologist);
  • unique innovative working methods;
  • only certified fillers and solutions;
  • if necessary, anesthesia is performed;
  • only organic fillers – do not cause fibrosis and other unpleasant consequences;
  • comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
These are without a doubt the principles that we adhere to so that contacting Gold Laser Clinic will give you only a pleasant experience.

The cost of lip augmentation in Kiev


Discount -20%

Hyaluronic acid preparation for lip contouring and volume increase, Italy (1 ml)

278 euros

222 euros

The filler with hyaluronic acid to increase the volume of the lips and moisturize, Italy (1 ml)

267 euros

214 euros

Hyaluronic acid preparation for lip contouring and lipolysis, Switzerland (1 ml)

300 euros

240 euros

Hyaluronic acid preparation to moisturize and lighten the lips, France (1 ml)

266 euros

213 euros

The filler with hyaluronic acid to form the contours of the lips and increase their volume, USA (0.5 ml)

233 euros

186 euros

The filler with hyaluronic acid to form the contours of the lips and increase their volume, USA (1 ml)

350 euros

280 euros

* payment is made in UAH at the exchange rate at the time of payment The result of lip augmentation procedure: before and after photos
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